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What's for V Day?

What's for V Day? Kekeke nothing much cos my life is basically overtaken by Kpop.. i only have eyes for my Oppas..


Songs that got me addicted recently…. unexpectedly addicted to these catchy songs, u gonna listen to them!
SPEED - It's Over
VIXX - On and On
VIXX - I Don't Want To Be An Idol
Mr Mr - Highway
(it's weird though, cos i never cared about VIXX & Mr Mr previously.. Speed is a rookie group but they're actually a sub-unit of Co-Ed which debuted in 2010 and i didn't like their songs then)

LED Apple (Hanbyul) - I'll Be There
Yes my LED Apple craze, their rock covers are simply awesome! it's a good way to gain more recognition in Kpop world too, since they cover popular Kpop bands' songs, those fans will be curious to hear what a rock version will sound like….. so they will get to know LED Apple!
i love LED Apple covers of BIGBANG Love Song, Maroon 5 Can't Stop, SNSD Mr Taxi, Bruno Mars Talking to the Moon, SHINee Sherlock, 2NE1 Go Away
1 rock cover per week, next week they gonna cover One Direction's song!

i still remember that YT comment in 1 of LED Apple's videos:
"I showed all my LED Apple stuff to my friend and she concluded: They are the Asian version of One Direction! Me: No.. LED Apple is LED Apple, no One Direction!"

(not so secretly) hoping they'll cover a DB5K song..

MVs that made me stare at my screen for a full 7 minutes
B.A.P - One Shot
(spent 1 billion won/almost 1 million usd in filming, both in Korea & Philippines)
TS Ent is good at producing high quality MVs and music for B.A.P!!!
NU'EST - Hello MV paled in comparison to B.A.P's One Shot.. it's just a typical boyband MV, i dislike the muted colours though, too snowy, wintery and grey toned for my liking.. But Ren's looking gorgeous as usual..


CNBLUE - Code Name Blue album

another request i saw over at kpop-uploads..

Both MF links are gone within hours so it's on 4shared now

Code Name Blue Tracklist:
1) Intro
2) In My Head
3) Where You Are
4) Time is Over
5) Have a Good Night
6) Wake Up
7) No More
8) These Days
9) Blue Sky
10) Mr KIA (Know it all)
11) With Me
12) Get Away
13) Come On
14) Where You Are (English version)

This album is nothing short of awesome~ after watching CNBLUE Arena Tour in Saitama (cnbluefourbrothers YT just uploaded it yesterday)


ZE:A Discography

Fulfilling a request over at kpop uploads so i decided to share the MF links here before they gets taken off MF..
Catch them while you can! (MF is acting really fast these days, within hours it wiped out majority of my MF links T__T)

ZE:A's so underrated, i'm just doing what i can as a fan of their music since ZE:A's debut in 2010..
Listen & Enjoy! Purchase the physical albums to support them if you can!

Follow ZE:A's Official Twitter - @ZEA_9 and @zea_japan
ZE:A Members
Junyoung | @ZEA_leader
Heechul | @ZEA7777
Hyungsik | @ZEA_Hyungsik
Minwoo | @ZEA_MW
Taeheon | @ZEA_TH
Siwan | @Siwan_ZEA
Kwanghee | @hwangkwanghee

Korean Album Vol.2 Spectacular

Exciting (Special Single)


Beautiful Girl (latest single)
pass: ZEAinkpophouse


Ronin Pop (Japanese movie which ZE:A members acted in)

Japanese single
Daily Daily

Update more when i have time to find the rest of my ZE:A stuff that isn't in my laptop right now..


Fav Ulzzangs

Favorite flawless faces in Kpop
(not in particular ranking)

GUY (perfect faces)
- Jaejoong (JYJ)
- Jaehyo (BLOCK B)
- Hongki (FTISLAND)
- Seunghyun (FTISLAND)
- Jonghoon (FTISLAND)
- Jonghyun (CNBLUE)
- Taemin (SHINee)
- Ren (NU'EST)
- Zelo (B.A.P)
- Himchan (B.A.P)
- Haewon (X-5)
- Sungjong (INFINITE)
- Myungsoo/L (INFINITE)
- Kiseop (U-KISS)
- Thunder (MBLAQ)
- Mir (MBLAQ)
- Dongjun (ZE:A)
- Hyungsik (ZE:A)
- Dongwoon (B2ST)
- Yoseob (B2ST)
- Chansung (2PM)
- Nichkhun (2PM)
- Jo Kwon (2AM)
- Ray (C-CLOWN)
- Hanbyul (LEDApple)

- Kahi
- Son Dambi
- Jooyeon (Afterschool)
- Joy (ex-Rania)
- Lee Hyori

Hallyu in Singapore

it's just the start of 2013, there's already Kpop stars landing/having plans to land in Singapore!
Last Dec 2012 was hell lot of exciting, multiple Kpop events going on at the same time on weekends!
so we all know 2013 is JUST GONNA GET CRAZIER!!

18 Jan: Jay Park concert + Meet & Greet session (Jay tweeted he's coming on 16 Jan)
22 Feb: U-KISS Showcase + Autograph session
22 Feb: Kim Jong Kook (Sparta Kook from Running Man) Fanmeet + Autograph session
April: Dalmatian Showcase

[to be updated]

Still waiting news of:
B.A.P, INFINITE, ZE:A, LED Apple, MBLAQ, JYJ, After School


two zero one three

It's the year of two zero one three, twenty thirteen!

in the year 2012:
i met FTISLAND, BEAST, Jay Park, BIGBANG, NU'EST, Song Joongki, Goo Hye Sun, Skarf

in the year 2013:
i hope to meet B.A.P, INFINITE, MBLAQ, LED Apple, ZE:A, CNBLUE, Afterschool, 2PM, 2AM, JYJ, Ailee
and also The Boss, X-5 even though i aren't certain of their bands' future since their entertainment company's gone.. hope they can restart with a new & better company (^_^)/
so many bands i wanna see~ $$$$ come to me~

past (since 2010):
i have met: JYJ, BIGBANG, SHINee, Wonder Girls, The Boss, INFINITE, ZE:A, SNSD

if i have the extra moolah, i would go to see U-KISS (love several of their songs so much! Doradora, Neverland, Stop Girl), B1A4 (their refreshing songs makes me happy), Jay (see him again), Jang Keun Suk (he celebratead 20 years in showbusiness, this young talented dude is born to be entertainer), BLOCK B (wanna see visual Jaehyo), C-CLOWN (love their debut album & 2nd album's songs)

my dear Kpop idols, see u guys soon!

1st day of 2013

it's another new year! 2013 will be great!
when i was started this journal in 2009, i was really into Kpop, didn't know how long i would be into Kpop.. turns out that i'm still very much a Kpop addict in 2012 and i think my craze will continue to blaze on in 2013!

Summary of my KPOP bias list:
my bias list is growing longer and longer so i need to keep it in check =p
i have more than 10 fav Kpop groups, in each group i have at least 2 bias.. yes fickle me, i can't settle on just 1..

FTISLAND: Jaejin, Seunghyun
JYJ: Jaejoong, Junsu
INFINITE: Woohyun, Sungjong
B.A.P: Himchan, Zelo
CNBLUE: Jonghyun, Minhyuk
MBLAQ: Lee Joon, Mir
ZE:A: Hyungsik. Dongjun
NU'EST: Ren, Baekho
LED Apple: Kwangyeon, Hanbyul, Hyosuk
After School: Lizzy, Jung Ah, Nana, Raina

The Boss: Karam, Mika, Hyunmin
X-5: Haewon, Zin, Ghun

2PM: Taecyeon, Chansung, Jun.K
2AM: Jo Kwon, Seulong
BLOCK B: Jaehyo, PO
U-KISS: Kiseop, Kevin
C-CLOWN: Ray, Rome, Kangjun
B1A4: Baro, Sandeul, Gongchan

Jay Park
Son Dambi
Lee Seunggi
Jang Keun Suk
Lee Junki
Kim Jae Wook

My TOP FAV SONGS in 2012
- Ailee - Heaven
- Ailee - I'll Show You
- Ailee - My Love
- Bang & Zelo - Never Give Up
- B.A.P - Warrior
- B.A.P - Unbreakable
- B.A.P - Burn It Up
- B.A.P - Secret Love
- B.A.P - What the Hell
- B.A.P - Lie Lie
- B.A.P - No Mercy
- B.A.P - Stop It
- MBLAQ  - It's War
- MBLAQ - Run
- MBLAQ - Scribble
- INFINITE - The Chaser
- INFINITE - In The Summer
- C-CLOWN - Far Away... Young Love (Original & Acoustic Version)
- C-CLOWN - Solo
- C-CLOWN - Cold
- C-CLOWN - In The Car
- Jo Kwon - Animal
- Jo Kwon - I'm Da One
- Jo Kwon - Something bout you
- Jo Kwon - Wingadrium Levoisa
- U-KISS - Doradora
- U-KISS - Stop Girl
- NU'EST - Face
- NU'EST - Not Over You
- NU'EST - I'm Sorry
- TASTY - You Know Me
- FTISLAND - Severely
- FTISLAND - Be My Girl
- CNBLUE - Where you are
- ZE:A - Phoenix
- ZE:A - Aftermath
- BLOCK B - Nilili Mambo
- BLOCK B - Movie's Over
- BLOCK B - Mentalbreaker
- BLOCK B - No Joke
- BLOCK B - Did You or Did You Not
- BLOCK B (Taeil) - Where Are You
- BLOCK B - Romantically
- BLOCK B - Action
- BLOCK B - Nanrina
- LED Apple - Run To You
- LED Apple - Yeah
- LED Apple (Keonu) - Something's wrong
- LED Apple - Sadness
- LED Apple - Let the wind blow
- LED Apple - Time is Up
- B1A4 - Tried To Walk
- Brian Joo - Let This Die
- Brian Joo - Domino
- Jay Park - Know Your Name
- Jay Park - I Got Your Back
- Jay Park - Enjoy The Show
- Jay Park - Up and Down
- Jay Park - Turn off your Phone
- 2AM - I Wonder if you hurt like me
- BIGBANG - Blue
- BIGBANG - Fantastic Boy
- G-Dragon - One of a Kind
- G-Dragon - Crayon
- G-Dragon - That XX
- After School - Flashback
- A-JAX - One 4 U
- A-JAX - 2MYX
- Boyfriend - Janus
- BTOB - Press Play
- BTOB - Wow
- Dalmation - E.R.
- GaIn - Bloom
- GaIn - Catch Me if you can
- Epik High - Don't Hate Me
- Epik High - Up
- JJ Project - Bounce
- Orange Caramel - Lipstick
- Son Dambi - Dripping Tears
- Son Dambi - Emergency Call
- Tony & Smash - Get Your Swag On
- XIA - Tarantallegra
- XIA - I Don't Like Love
- Dynamic Black - Yesterday
- Dramatic Blue - Tearfully Beautiful
- Mystic White - Mermaid Princess
- Dazzling Red - This Person
(88 songs)

Jo Kwon - I'm Da One
Ga In - Talk About S
Ailee - Invitation
BLOCK B - Blockbuster
FTISLAND - Five Treasure Box
Jay Park - New Breed
G-Dragon - One of A Kind

C-CLOWN - Far Away... Young Love
C-CLOWN - Solo
B.A.P - Warrior
B.A.P - Stop It
LED Apple - Run To You
Orange Caramel - Lipstick

MBLAQ - 100%

Putting together translation of fanaccounts in 1 post for easy-reading for all Primadonnas..
Note that it is not in chronological order..


Adding on to the STAY incident XD
After Hongki said it was Minhwan's mistake, Jaejin said, "Sorry sorry".
Once Hongki heard it, he also learnt how he said it and said sorry sorry
too, while starting to dance the Sorry Sorry dance XD When Jaejin saw
that Hongki was dancing, he also followed and danced XD Then in the end,
everyone said it was Seunghyun who first played wrongly, causing all
the mistakes, Jaejin even used the microphone and softly said to
Seunghyun, "F*ck you"

(Original by MylovelyFT | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Today, Hongki said F*CK to Seunghyun again. Seunghyun even said thank
you. Then Seunghyun kept 'shooting electricity' (A/N: metaphorical to
mean that he was showing his charm) towards our area, and I was nearly
pulled away (towards him as a bias)... The main point is, today, I was
really close, and I kept screaming and shouting; and then when Seunghyun
walked close by, I went crazy and kept jumping; our eyes even met.. Why
on earth is he so charming?

(Original by hongstar1230 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Today, when singing BARAE, Jaejin took up the mineral water and took a
swig from it while Hongki was singing passionately XD Beside him,
Seunghyun shot a look at him and he asked Seunghyun whether he wanted a
drink, and then even fed him the water personally XD It seems like
Jaejin poured quite a lot; Seunghyun's face puffed up and it was so
cute!! After singing to the middle part, Hongki danced a really weird
dance move to Jaejin, and then Jaejin laughed uncontrollably XD He
laughed until he directly lay on the ground XD Seunghyun then pretended
to kneel beside him and listen whether he's breathing, and even helped
him to do mock-CPR XD After that, Hongki also ran over and called him to
get up, saying "Aye! Aye!" XD

(Original by MylovelyFT | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Today, before singing I WISH, Hongki asked everyone to dance. In the end, Seunghyun ran to hide backstage. It was really cute. Everyone still betrayed him and told Hongki where he was. During the whole concert, Seunghyun kept on smiling at those of us off-stage. He was really cute!!!

(Original by vivian0508v | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

During STAY, they didn't start even after the prelude. Then Hongki said
to restart, even angrily throwing his towel to Minhwan. After that,
heard it was Seunghyun's mistake? Hongki then said, "Seunghyun, was it
you? You come here. (angry)" Anyway, after that, they did it from the
top again.

(Original by lindy826 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Time for some cheesy Seunghyun!!

SH: (in Chi) Please be my girlfriend.
Hongki saw that the fans are crazily screaming, asked curiously......

HK: (in Kor) What did you say?
SH: (in Kor) Please be my girlfriend.
HK: F*CK!!!!!!!!!!
SH: (in Chi) There is only you in my eyes.
HK: (in Kor) What? What?
SH: (in Kor) There is only you in my eyes.

Lee Hongki rolled his eyes at Song Seunghyun.

(Original by liphen & s904136 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Although the Chinese that Seunghyun spoke today was different from yesterday's, they were all words to get girls.

(Original by MylovelyFT | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

--oh yeah Song Seunghyun, we know what is his motivation behind learning a new language..... to get the girls.. lol

Hongki's FAIL moments

At the last moment, Hongki couldn't find his prompting cards (Note: the
little cards he used to write what to say), and he used Korean to say
큰일났다 (Big trouble), 어디있어 (Where is it?), before he found them XD

(Original by lindy826 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

HK: Do you know LIKE BIRDS?
Fans: ............................
HK: 세들처럼
Fans: (screams)
HK: Ah~~ I feel like I'm having a concert in Korea.

It's not like this, alright........... It's because... your English..................................... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(Original by liphen & s904136 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Hongki said, "For the next song, it's just like me." and he kept making a
rocker handsign on his face. But Seunghyun and Jaejin made a big cross

(Original by Pri_JHJMS | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Hongki: There are so many fanboys here; that's why I like Taiwan! And thank you for your ever-unchanging love for us.

(Original by Paiiiine & hongstar1230 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Celebrating Jaejin's birthday!

Actually, the five of them were preparing for the encore, so they had
their backs to everyone. During this time, the screen was preparing
those off-stage to start singing the birthday song, so all five were
shocked. When Jaejin finished listening, he was about to raise his hands
and run around, but once he saw the cake come in, his eyes welled up
with tears... In the end, even his talking voice became husky. He
actually even wanted to place the fondant doll onto the mic stand.

(Original by s904136 | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

Jaejin's birthday fan support~

When we saw '3, 2, 1' appear on the screen, everyone started to sing the
birthday song together. At this time, Jaejin was actually standing in
front of Minhwan, his back facing us, and he turned around with a very
surprised expression... Then he looked very touched; he kept holding
back his tears. When the cake was pushed out, we started to raise the
hot-latte slogan... Hongki wanted Jaejin to say a few words, and when he
was speaking, he sounded a little choked... After that, taking the
opportunity when Hongki was talking, he took a closer look at the
slogan. After seeing it, he laughed until he rolled on the floor XDD He
even went over to tell leader and Minhwan what was written on top XD The
huge, huge, HUGE success of the fan support is really too good to be
true ^^

(Original by MylovelyFT | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

When the second half of the concert started, all 5 of them started
playing hard!!! When Jaejin saw the ribbon, his shocked face was totally
cute!!!! Jonghun even took the ribbon and bit onto it while returning
on stage!!!!
Before singing , the five of them individually danced the
shrugging dance (in the song)! (The order was)

(Original by Paiiiine | Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)

FTISLAND birthday wishes to Jaejin #BaboJaejinDay

«Hongki's message»

To: Jaejin!!
Happy B'day!
Ps. and you still have room for improvement...

«Minhwan's message»

To: Jaejin
Jaejin hyung~ I love you!

«Seunghyun's message»

To: Jaejin
Recently, because of the flu, body wasn't good. Coincidentally, we don't
have to go out. Staying together in the dorm made me feel really happy!
Jaejinnie, who often spends his birthday overseas, I sincerely wish you
a happy birthday!!

«Jaejin's message»

To: Myself
You've become more and more charming lately. So in future, too, you need
to be even more hardworking~~ And you have to be healthy~~ You must be
happy... You must become a shining person in FTI. I love you

«Jonghun's message»
To: Jaejin
Jaejin ah~ I love you... Don't feel lonely, wishing you a happy birthday ♡♡

(Chi-Eng translation by jh_ly)


Latest Kpop discovery LSG

Recently, paid attention to 2 guys' music whom i never cared to listen before.. stupid me, wae wae? i didn't start noticing earlier..


Fyeah, i'm swooning over Lee Seung Gi now~ Listened to his 5th album days ago & immediately attracted by his vocals~^^

Absolutely love when he sang with FT Island's Hongki.. Surprised how well their voices go togther in the song 'Thunder' -- that's one of my all-time fav FT Island song!

Watched more videos of LSG on Youtube.. on a video (fancam of LSG dancing, ending part he showed his abs) there's this top comment.. which sums up basically almost all i wanted to say~

"First saw him on My GF is a Gumiho (his boy-next-door appeal is <3), watched Shining Inheritance (he's such a good actor!) then found out he can sing (he's got the best vocals among male solo acts in Korea), dance (though he doesn't look like he can dance. O_o), host (He's damn funny in Strong Heart and really smart in 1N2D), fluent in English (YES!!!) and now you're telling me he's got abs?! He's PERFECT!!! ^_^"

I first saw LSG as a host on Strong Heart, witty, funny host..
Then acting in Shining Inheritance, my mum thought he's got the schoolboy 'young' look -- i was like "huh? really i thought this guy debuted long ago, not young anymore lol"
Surprised to find out that he can sing.. Tonight's his 5th album already~ OMG
The most OMG is HE CAN DANCE!
He just don't look like he can dance u know.. hehehe.. didn't mean to be mean, but that was my impression, i'm sorry LSG~

He joins my fav list of actors who can sing & dance~~~ Lee Junki & Jang Keun Suk..
I reckon he's got the best voice out of these 2..

As for Tablo, i need some time to search more about him~ another talent in K music world that everyone's raving about..
it's 2AM over my side, needa rest!
I still can't get over how perfect Lee Seung Gi is..

Mash Game

Itchy-handed me went to try a Mash Future quiz game..
It's fun though.. I gonna try it again~
Behold... My Future
 I will marry Jaejin. 
 After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Tokyo in our fabulous House. 
 We will have 4 kid(s) together. 
 Our family will zoom around in a white hottest Ferrari.
 I will spend my days as a Illustrator, and live happily ever after. 
whats your future

Who'll u marry to is for u to input 2-5 names... I filled up all slots with my Korean idols (like obviously!?!!!??!)
Turned out that the lucky guy's FT Island's Jaejin..
Fancy living in Tokyo with Jaejin and 4 kids?

So i tried again~

Behold... My Future
 I will marry Karam. 
 After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Paris in our fabulous House. 
 We will have 2 kid(s) together. 
 Our family will zoom around in a rainbow Suzuki.
 I will spend my days as a copywriter, and live happily ever after. 
whats your future

With D-NA's Karam and 2 kids (i hope they'll inherit his Bambi eyes), living in Paris.. sounds romantic eh?
I was hoping it to be other European city... But nvm..